Under Siege: The Adversary Revealed

[This was originally an FIC Action email alert sent to our members on 1/23/17. ~ PW]

It all comes back to abortion.

Make no mistake. Though the word was curiously absent from The Courant’s coverage, abortion is why 10,000 people mobbed our state Capitol this past weekend.

In the 13 years since FIC Action’s founding, we have been protagonists in legislative sessions focused on same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, transgenderism, and religious liberty. We have never seen a year at our state Capitol focused on abortion.

Until now. Until 2017. This is a bad thing and a good thing.

It is a bad thing because we are outmanned, outgunned, and certainly outfunded.

All of Connecticut’s top politicians are pro-abortion. Several of them gave speeches to the 10,000 pro-abortion marchers in Hartford. A press conference will be held this morning at the Legislative Office Building where pro-abortion politicians will unveil a handful of bills attacking unborn children and even the Connecticut resource centers that support mothers with crisis pregnancies who want to give life to their children.

And the media will not give the pro-life side a fair shake. Though FIC Action made the pro-life clinic directors available to news crews from Channels 3, 30 and 61 at another pro-abortion rally last Wednesday, those news crews refused to speak to them.

But the new pro-abortion militancy in Connecticut is, in a way, a good thing too. The reason why Connecticut’s pro-abortion groups have become newly militant is that, for the first time in over 25 years, they feel threatened. In Connecticut!

There are more pro-life legislators in the Connecticut General Assembly than at any previous time in FIC Action’s history. For the first time in living memory the two parties are evenly matched in our State Senate, which means we ought to finally be able to have a public hearing on a parental notification bill.

Theoretically, that is. It will depend in part on the courage and creativity of our legislative allies at the state Capitol. Can they stand up to the coming pro-abortion onslaught? Do they have what it takes to navigate around the pro-abortion lobbyists who have successfully shut down any conversation on even the most commonsensical legislation?

The answer to those questions will depend on you, FIC Action’s members. “Complancency is over” declared the pro-abortion marchers in Hartford. So it must be for Connecticut’s pro-life movement too.

Please donate whatever you can to FIC Action, the pro-life movement’s eyes and ears at the Connecticut state Capitol, by clicking here.

FIC Action needs to substantially grow this email list if we are going to counter the 10,000 who marched in Hartford – and the 5,000 pro-abortion marchers in Stamford and the thousands of our fellow nutmeggers who took buses down to Washington, DC to express their support for abortion on demand in our nation’s capital. Please forward this email to every pro-life Connecticut citizen you know and ask them to click here to sign up for FIC Action’s email alerts.

Please be ready to come to the state Capitol when we call upon you. Pro-abortion forces already held a lobby day at the Capitol last week and they are holding a press conference this morning. We need to respond. Please be prepared to take the day off from work and come lobby your legislators, once we announce the date.

Please pray for the defeat of these attacks on unborn human life and the success of our pro-life efforts. This is the one weapon we have where we know we overpower our Adversary. Use it.

Be not afraid. It is good that this battle has finally arrived. Connecticut’s pro-family movement has fought for marriage and religious liberty and against assisted suicide. But it all comes back to abortion.

Abortion is the original evil, the attack on truth that led to so many other evils. For decades Connecticut’s pro-abortion forces celebrated “the 1990 law,” a bill from that year that froze in place Connecticut’s culture of death.

Now they, the pro-abortionists, are the ones who want to open the abortion issue back up. Because they feel threatened. Because Connecticut’ pro-life movement–yes, Connecticut’s–has slowly been gaining strength.

2017 marks a moment of maximum peril and maximum possibility for the pro-life cause in Connecticut. We will bring you more on this morning’s press conference in FIC Action’s next email. For now, we ask you: Please join us.