The Family Institute of Connecticut Action has learned from a reputable source that Connecticut’s senior senator, Richard Blumenthal, will join others to introduce a bill in Congress to federally override the intent of democratically elected officials in far off states like Wisconsin and Texas. To take away the right of a citizenry to govern themselves, especially over something as basic as “reproductive rights” – the states must be passing real doozies of abortion laws.

Let’s take a look . . .

Texas has passed a law preventing abortions after 20 weeks – the point at which neurobiologists, scientists and surgeons
agree an unborn baby can feel and react to pain (for the comfort of our pro-abortion readers. . . you may substitute with the word “fetus”). Whoa, ho, ho . . slow down there Texans! You may ban the torture of animals being de-limbed alive, but that procedure on humans is, as Blumenthal’s pal Nancy Pelosi would say . . . “sacred”.

In Colorado, Heather Surovik is leading a ballot-measure to have her 38 week son who was killed by a drunk driver, recognized as a person in that state:

“Brady was eight pounds, two ounces – he was a person! And Planned Parenthood and the media are trying to take the focus off of Brady, to ignore him to push their own agendas. Let me be clear: this amendment is about Brady, and his life, and justice for women who have suffered the tragedy that I have suffered. “

Crazy. Town.

Of course, reasonable people know that laws like these are common sense measures that moderate extreme and permissive abortion regimes.

No doubt, different regions of the country handle the sensitive issue of abortion differently.  For example, in Connecticut, a teen can have an abortion but can’t enter a tanning both without her parents knowing.  Ahem, gulp.

But to the voters of Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and numerous other states, whom our dear Senator must think very small and ignorant, his response is “can’t have that” and proposes to expunge their state laws. Extreme, indeed.

No doubt Senator Blumenthal is simply obeying his masters at NARAL and Planned Parenthood, I mean . .  . you do not earn a 100% rating from such organizations unless you really “work it”.   But we wonder what other important federal and state matters go untended as Senator Blumenthal continues his “me too” politicking in Washington DC.

Others may wish the Senator to direct his attention to immigration, insurance, defense, veteran affairs, Medicare and other important issues for Connecticut; but our Senator has a sweet tooth for abortion, so we humbly ask his support for the enforcement and enhancement of laws that prohibit the transportation of minors across state borders to procure abortions.  You see . . . Connecticut (his home state) has a problem.  Our lack of parental consent laws have made us an obvious haven for out-of-state minors seeking abortions with their over-age escorts.  A terrifying prospect for many New England parents and their children.  But we won’t be sitting by the phone.  Instead we’ll pray for conversions of heart, continue to work the democratic process, and wonder if senators in other far off states will look at CT laws and in turn, question their reasonableness.

Do you want to do more?  Contact Senators Blumenthal and Murphy and ask them to support a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham and co-signed by at least 36 other senators.  A similar version has already passed in the House.