Remember Crystal Kelley, the Vernon, CT woman who fled to Michigan to escape a surrogacy contract with a couple who insisted she have an abortion?

“Baby S.” is now three years old. She was adopted, and Kelley — who sees her twice a year — describes her as “a fighter”; “feisty,” “outspoken”; “everything I believed she would be.” “She’s alive, she’s capable, she’s growing and learning and doing things that normal toddlers do,” Kelley says.

I would hope that Kelley’s ordeal, like that of this California woman carrying triplets and fighting a contractually-imposed abortion, would convince everyone to re-evaluate surrogacy (nobody’s condemned for wanting children, but baby-making, outsourcing, and contracts don’t mix well). However this episode started out, though, the bottom line is that this woman did a courageous and heroic thing. It’s embarrassing that she had to become a fugitive from the state of Connecticut in order to fight for a child’s life.