n July 28, I spoke at the Women Betrayed rally in downtown Stamford. Our own Peter Wolfgang did likewise in Waterbury. It was one hot day — but not as hot as the seat Planned Parenthood found itself in as a third undercover video dropped.

I watched with excitement as our crowd grew. We held off starting right at noon to allow more people to arrive, but a steady stream of newcomers continued to join us well into the event. Between Stamford and Waterbury, attendance was estimated to be at least 190. You can see footage here (thanks to Mert Melfa) and beautiful professional photos here (Michelle Babyak).

The Hour/Matthew Vinci

The Hour/Matthew Vinci

Here is a round-up of local/state press coverage:

The Daily Voice had a good piece, focusing on one of our speakers who contrasted her experience of Planned Parenthood to the help she received from Malta House.

The Hour carried a stand-alone photo montage.

The Catholic Transcript had fewer photos, but a substantial article on the Waterbury rally (and a great quote from Peter’s speech).

The Waterbury Republican-American had articles both the day of the rally, and after the fact.

The rally was also covered by Spanish-language weekly La Voz Hispana (I’m not the Nicole they interviewed — different age!).

Outside of Connecticut, we received shout-outs from Breitbart and the National Catholic Register; Breitbart’s piece was picked up by a smattering of other websites.

If anybody knows of any significant coverage I left out, please let us know. The above is great, don’t get us wrong, but where is everybody else? Particularly, News 12 was supposedly in Stamford, and I heard rumors of a feature in the Stamford Advocate, but a search that evening and the next day turned up nothing.

Thank God for independent journalism! The outcry from Connecticut citizens would be more difficult, even if not impossible, for hard-hearted politicians to ignore if more of our major outlets could be bothered. No story behind 200-ish people gathered for a single cause in the middle of a sweltering Tuesday? What?

Murphy and Blumenthal may have voted the wrong way in the Senate — and, earlier this week, Blumenthal got yet another plug in the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper with a full op-ed — but the biggest story, to me, that came out of the rallies is this: they are on the way out, along with abortion in general. I have seen the generation that will replace the Murphys and Blumenthals, and they’re impressive. We believe life is worth fighting for, and we have not yet begun to fight.

Stamford rally 2