What would Connecticut look like after Roe v. Wade?

How would things change in Connecticut if Roe v. Wade is rightly deemed unconstitutional?

Peter Wolfgang has also previously addressed this issue in an online ARTICLE about what it is like being pro-life in a state largely controlled by pro-abortion leaders.

Peter Wolfgang’s article on what life is like in a pro-abortion state and what it would be like without Roe.

But also check out FIC’s Executive Director in Washington DC on December 1, 2021 to rally against Roe v. Wade. Did you know that FIC was able to participate in a Brief of 22 State Policy Organizations as Amici Curiae in support of Petitioners (Dobbs)? We could not have added our diverse voice to the opposition of abortion at the Supreme Court level without the generous support of our members. Even in a state as “blue” as Connecticut, there are many thousands of people who oppose the current legal regime of Roe v. Wade – and the Supreme Court now knows it.

The Family Institute of Connecticut is affiliated with Family Policy Alliance and we are excited to support a new initiative called #AfterRoe. Please check it out here to learn more about what our country and our state would look like after Roe. Spoiler Alert: in the short term, not much would change in Connecticut should Roe v. Wade be ruled at least partially unconstitutional. But long term, ❤️ we would finally have a chance to meaningfully discuss abortion, what it truly is, how it negatively affects women and destroys God’s plan for families. Please join us in praying for the Supreme Court to rule that the legal regime of Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional.