But guidance for student hormone replacement therapy referrals have been added.

Followers of our blog are familiar with the official State of Connecticut Department of Education’s filthy Guidelines for Sexual Health Education Resources page wherein they proudly list as a “teacher resource” the “Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) SexEd Library” hawking “reliable penis extenders” and more (see bottom).

The Department of Education has quietly removed the sex toy and penis extender link and has additionally scrubbed the comprehensive sex education portion of their website. Our members know how we worked together to educate legislators and members of the public about the stealth Comprehensive Sex Education provisions of SB1 during the 2023 legislative session. And during the campaign against SB1 we exposed the Connecticut Department of Education’s subversive, non-legislative, Comprehensive Sex Education initiatives, LGBTQIA+ indoctrination resources, ridiculous surveys, education of 3 year olds on the proper names and use of their sex organs, masturbation for 3rd graders and puberty blockers for 11 year olds. Hats off to all of our members who contacted their legislators and submitted written testimony. We were able to remove the comprehensive sex education mandate from Senate Bill 1 just minutes before the Education Committee meeting and vote. Of course, the recording of that March 8, 2023 meeting is no longer available on Youtube, despite other meetings and hearings still available. 😉

CT Dept of Education now Recommends Referrals for Pediatric “Dental Dams” and Hormone Replacement Therapy by School Administrators

Undeterred, the Connecticut Department of Education now recommends that “Each district should have written procedures for making health referrals, including those for sexual health.” To that end, they recommend a resource for Making Health Referrals in the Health Resource Room which includes a sexual services checklist (below) for children. Abortifacients, contraceptive implants, dental dams, abortions, HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY and more are apparently all considered to be sensible sexual health services for student referral. Does Governor Lamont know that Commissioner Russel-Tucker has revamped the official Department of Education website to encourage non-parental and secret referrals in the name of “sexual health” for children? What is going on in our Department of Education!

From a recommended resource on the revamped Department of Education official website.
Image of 2021 “Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework” recommended by the Department of Education showing some of the portions quietly removed in May ’22 during the lead up to the election. Oops!
SexEd Library a recommended “Teacher Resource” in 2023. See below for homepage of SexEd Library.
SexEd Library offers the “very best” on “penis extenders” on their homepage. A link to this site as a “teacher resource” on the CT State Department of Education has now been removed . . . but not forgotten.