Framed as an expansion into Connecticut for an eager media, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut will actually “sunset” their operations this fall, less than 2 years after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Good riddance “NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut”, recently known as “Pro-Choice Connecticut” and in particular, goodbye to the successor of the “Connecticut Chapter of National Abortion Rights Action League, Inc.” Big Abortion O.G. since 1979, remember them?

A stole down memory lane for CT pro-lifers . . .

Of course, Pro-Choice Connecticut became all about “abortion”, even for those without vaginas, around 2021 and even testified in favor of the state paying women to have babies for men who don’t have procreative sex in 2023. So, so much for caring about women.

A press conference was held on September 26, 2023, with State Senator Dick Blumenthal and Attorney General Tong to announce that NARAL’s former employee would be hired by a regional pro-abortion group. A “big story” apparently worthy of a press conference full of breathless reporters and pages of print to announce that Liz Gustafson got a new job. Who cares.

Peter Wolfgang “dropping in” on the job announcement on September 26.

The loss of NARAL in Connecticut is a “win” for women, children and families because it wasn’t so long ago that NARAL actually had office space in Hartford at 135 Broad Street and then 56 Arbor Street. But no longer. No more banquets, no more awards ceremonies, no more paid boots on the ground for NARAL.

Former location of NARAL in Hartford, CT.

NARAL is gone from Hartford and so is its last physical, independent surgical abortion facility. Credited as being the fruit of pro-life work in that city, Hartford is still regularly visited by a mobile pregnancy care resource center van.

Have you seen FIC’s joint billboard near the West Hartford surgical abortion clinic and the site of this year’s Hartford area 40 Days for Life campaign? The Campaign is going on now, and we need your support on FIC Day on Monday, October 23, 2023. Please register here to join us.

Peter Wolfgang’s commentary/quotes about the September 27 press conference and the subsequent The Hartford Courant article . . . Tuesday’s press conference was also attended by Connecticut’s anti-abortion leaders who spoke against Reproductive Equity Now and abortion-rights allies.“This group is not about equity, it’s not about freedom, it’s about abortion,” Peter Wolfgang, the president of Family Institute of Connecticut said. “Freedom in the mouths of abortion advocates really means coercion. It’s about abortion for all. They want everybody to pay for it.”“The people of the state of Connecticut, I don’t think, are as extreme as the groups that you just heard speak today,” Wolfgang added. “They may be vaguely pro-choice, but they’re not completely in with everything that these guys are pushing, and I think there will be a lot of resistance to the radical aims of their agendas.”Wolfgang said that his organization will continue to fight until “every unborn child” is protected in law and life.“The idea that wanting to protect innocent life is extreme, it just shows you how truly, sadly out of touch these people are,” Christopher Healy the executive director of the Connecticut Catholic Conference said. “These organizations are the extremists. They believe abortion should be on demand up until the time of birth, that minors should be allowed to have abortions without parents being informed.” …Healy said that making Connecticut a “sanctuary city” for abortion care is bad public policy.“Polls show that people want some reasonable limits on abortion,” Healy said. Healy said that advocacy efforts should instead focus on common ground causes like women’s health care.He said that pregnancy crisis centers “actually offer health care to women who are considering bringing children to the world. And we should be talking about more options for that.”