HB 5414 would make Connecticut a sanctuary state for out-of-state abortionists who have broken the law in their own states.

Take a few minutes to listen to the testimony of Christina Bennett on behalf of the Family Institute of Connecticut against HB 5414. Testimony like Christina’s is critical to give our legislators new perspectives about abortion – sometimes a perspective they have never heard. It can only be done with your prayers and spiritual support, through your activism, and through financial donations. Please pray for the Family Institute of Connecticut, people like Christina and Peter Wolfgang often testify in front of acrimonious legislators. Please also pray for the members of the General Assembly, their staff and families. Please contact your legislator today using our Action Center. Additionally, producing videos and providing testimony is expensive; please consider donating today to help us through the end of this 2022 legislative session.

As you hear in Christina’s testimony, Connecticut is spending time and resources to protect doctors who may have broken the laws in other states, while refusing to consider laws addressing parental notification or the 3 lawsuits pending against Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. Where is the justice? Parental involvement before a child can get a tan, a tattoo, or a piercing is required in Connecticut, but abortions from doctors evading their own state laws . . . no parental involvement seems fine! That is abortion extremism folks. What other profession would safe-harbors for law-breakers be acceptable? None. Combined with the other proposed abortion laws this session, we have to believe that some Connecticut legislators are more concerned with political extremism than the safety of our daughters and granddaughters. Your help is needed: please contact your legislator today using FIC’s easy action center.