Even without the Dobbs decision, Connecticut is entering a new refreshing era in the abortion debate.

Abortion laws remain strong in Connecticut but between Dobbs and new criticism of Planned Parenthood, their weakness is showing.

Many of you are aware of the shocking and unauthorized May 2, 2022 leak of the impending Dobbs case at the Supreme Court. If accurate, the decision would likely return to the states, the ability to more fully regulate their laws on abortion. This can open the door for a more full and fair discussion of abortion in our state. It could also lead to moderation of Connecticut’s abortion extremism. Connecticut is long overdue for that discussion and we welcome that debate.

No matter the outcome, the Family Institute of Connecticut will be working harder than ever. Our members and people of good will in Connecticut know our current regime is unjust and outdated. We will work for change and continue to support, with our allies, abortion alternatives for women and families where we live. But Dobbs is only part of the current news . . .

The HARTFORD COURANT covered Friday night’s groundbreaking debate.

A more full and fair debate DID happen late Friday night in Hartford. During the Senate debate regarding HB 5414 some Black CT Democrats broke new ground by admonishing Planned Parenthood for its racist roots and outcomes. It was also fairly reported by many major Connecticut news outlets and across the country. This will be the tip of the spear to overturn Connecticut’s extreme abortion laws – which currently do not even require parental notification.

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Coverage of the Dobbs unauthorized release.