We hear that Governor Malloy is calling for bipartisan help closing a $118 million hole in the state budget. Malloy told press that he “wants to spread around the responsibility.” In the spirit of helpfulness, we think we know where our state leaders can find some low-hanging fruit ripe for the harvest:

Defund Planned Parenthood in Connecticut.

Texas just eliminated taxpayer funding for the scandal-embroiled abortion chain; we should, too. It isn’t right for our hospitals and social services for, among others, people with disabilities to shoulder the burden of severe budget cuts while Planned Parenthood gets off scot free and does way better than breaking even. Call us extreme, but we think that in economic hard times, we should focus scarce resources on legitimate healthcare providers who don’t kill babies while exploiting and harming women.

Real Choices

Next week, Connecticut citizens who have had enough of Planned Parenthood’s greed will gather to protest Cecile Richards’s appearance at a fundraiser in New Haven. We stand with women and men around the country who are telling the powerful abortion lobby: Go Fund Yourself.

Students For Life of America

Students For Life of America

We’ll be waiting to hear from the Governor’s office. No need to thank us, and there’s no charge; it’s our pleasure.