Disclosing too much information is not the problem here. The problem is that parents are not being told ENOUGH.

An overseas news story reveals that Hartford public schools may be purposefully deceiving parents by withholding the child’s self-identification as a non-binary person. Are schools facilitating dangerous puberty blockers to children without parental consent? A school investigation is being conducted, but my guess is they are not asking this important question. If what the whistle-blower in this news story states is true, parents across the state, no matter their political persuasion, should be very concerned. We can’t even send our kids to school with an Advil, public school administrators should not be administering puberty-blockers without parental consent. Please pray for the whistle-blower, school administrators, teachers and the families involved. Family Institute will be following this story and we encourage you to probe your local school board to discover exactly what their process is regarding the administration of puberty blockers and how they are protecting children and informing parents.

Think it isn’t happening in your school? Please ask your school administrators about “clothes rooms” available at your local high school . . .

I know for a fact that area schools have “clothes rooms” where high schoolers can come to school dressed as their parents see them when leaving and change into other clothes they have at school (inappropriate ones, or their preferred school gender) then change back before going home. Parents have 0 clue what is really going on.

– Former Connecticut Teacher

It is no surprise to our members that local media coverage will focus on the possible disclosure of personally identifiable information by the concerned school nurse in the article. Disclosing too much information is not the problem here. The problem is that parents are not being told ENOUGH.

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Daily Mail.com EXCLUSIVE: Connecticut school nurse, 77, is suspended over ‘transphobic’ Facebook post revealing that student, 11, was on puberty blockers, 12 others were non-binary, and that teachers were helping some keep it secret

According to the WFSB story, “Superintendent Rodrigues says anyone with questions or concerns about this issue can contact her at superintendent@hartfordschools.org.”

Do you want to learn more about Gender Dysphoria and our children? Please visit our allies at Family Policy Alliance and check out their informative guide.

4/21/22 UPDATE: in a Hartford Courant news story reported by Seamus McAvoy on April 21, the Superintendent of Schools assured parents that their school does not administer “puberty blockers” to students without parental consent and that is good news for many concerned parents. Of note however, the administrator indicates that they suspended the nurse because “The manner in which the comments were shared, and the values they express, are totally inconsistent with what we stand for,”. Really? School administrators should check their notes because teachers and school employees do NOT lose their First Amendment rights to express themselves respectfully about matters of public concern, of which this is. To suggest that the employee is being suspended, in part, for expressing an unpopular opinion is alarming. We can understand the confusion as it is mixed with what may have been the release of personally identifiable information. However, placing school employees on administrative leave because of the “values they express” is a violation of the U.S. Constitution and is chilling to free speech in general and should not be tolerated. Let’s hope that is not the case here.