Supreme Court Justice May Agree with FIC's Opinion of Hight Court


Pro-family Connecticut residents may recall from 2008 my frequent descriptions of our State Supreme Court as “philosopher kings” for literally legislating same-sex marriage from the bench (they ruled on Oct. 10th that clerks had to begin granting same-sex marriage licenses on Nov. 12th; the legislature did not codify the ruling until five months after the issuing of the licenses began–and then only with strong religious liberty exemptions.)

Would you believe that it has become so bad that even a State Supreme Court Justice is now publicly asking whether her fellow Justices are indeed philosopher kings–and in a published opinion dissenting from a Court ruling? From yesterday’s Hartford Courant:

“We have done damage to the rule of law, which we have a duty to protect,” [Justice Espinosa] wrote. “At this point, we have a choice: Shall we crown ourselves as philosopher-kings or resume our proper role as servants of the law?”

FIC takes no position on the Lapointe ruling, the cause of Espinosa’s wondering if FIC’s opinion of our state’s highest court was right after all. But we are pleased that even the Justices are beginning to see the problem in their own Court, a problem that pro-family state residents have known about for some time.