Press Brands CT Pro-Abortion Advocates "Losers" in 2019 Session

[Latest E-Blast from FIC Action’s President, Peter Wolfgang]

Bear with me, FIC Members. I’m writing this on less than four hours of sleep. But you need to know right now about last night.

HB 7070 was defeated! The Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill made it out of committee and made it through the House, only to die last night in the State Senate!

This comes on top of assisted suicide being defeated in committee again this year…and several other victories with which Family Institute of Connecticut was involved.

The first thing to say about this is Thank you, God! And I say that not just because it’s always the right thing to say but because there is no earthly reason why 2019 should have been the great year for FIC and our allies that it has turned out to be. Consider:

Pro-abortion advocates won the last election. They had every reason to believe they could pass their attack on pregnancy care centers this year. That their own political allies paid lip service to the anti-pregnancy center cause, while quietly shelving the bill, is a huge humiliation for NARAL:

Pro-abortion advocates had tremendous media bias in their favor. 2019 began with a New Year’s Day front page, above the fold, Hartford Courantarticle promoting NARAL’s attack on Connecticut Pregnancy Centers. The session ended with another Courant piece giving it one last try.

In between, NARAL’s leader was given generous amounts of un-rebutted media attention in venues like WSHU, while the Hartford Courant and Hearst Media refused to run op-eds submitted by the directors of the pregnancy centers that were the actual target of the bill! Evenhanded articles like this one were virtually unheard of. And that one Associated Press story, strangely, appeared in only a small number of Connecticut newspapers.

And yet here we are, the day after the end of the legislative session, with CT Mirror rightly declaring CT pro-abortion advocates losers.

I have so much more to tell you about what happened this year…and what fights still lie ahead.

You need to know the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for 2019. And you need to know about the indispensable allies without whom FIC could not have won these victories.

Watch your in-box for more information in the weeks ahead.