Who is peddling "boogeymen" in West Hartford?

In his statement against an online article, West Hartford Superintendent of Schools, Tom Moore, testily dismissed parental concerns as trying to “tear us apart” and use children as “pawns”.

Despite espousing niceness and loving people “as they are” West Hartford Superintendent of Schools, Tom Moore, had some very un-nice things to assert about parents who express concerns about grade school curriculum that exposes children to transgender ideology. Included in his statement to We-Ha.com were obvious attempts to shade the rather congenial and tame comments made by local parents as influenced by nefarious “well funded advocacy political arms.” Someone please clutch my Lux, Bond & Green pearls.

Of note, the Superintendent suggests that parental groups wish to “frighten people about what their children are hearing, even though we rarely see any concrete examples, just books that people want banned.” Yet in neither the Superintendent’s statements nor the Hartford Courant article are there any “concrete examples” of prejudicial incidents at the West Hartford Public Schools related to transgender students. Who exactly is peddling the “boogeymen”? In truth, according to “Ell G., a nonbinary high school senior from West Hartford” quoted in the Hartford Courant article “They’re starting in kindergarten to address bullying before it starts”. If this is the case, that West Hartford is trying to prevent something that hasn’t even happened, then lets cool down and not resort to name-calling and testy statements in an attempt to dismiss parents’ legitimate concerns.

To the brave parents of West Hartford who struggle to obtain the right to be notified and to remove their children from classroom settings they find inappropriate or questionable, we hope Superintendent Moore will follow-through on his offer to listen. Instead of dismissing parents’ concerns as imagined or influenced, Mr. Moore should widen the door he cracked when he invited parents to “by all means speak to your teacher, principal, and those of us in central office.” From your only local group dedicated to parental rights and religious freedom since 1989, we here at the Family Institute encourage parents to take up the Superintendent on his sincere offer and indeed, speak up.