E-Blast from FIC Action’s President, Peter Wolfgang:

How many Connecticut pro-lifers will come to a rally at the state Capitol to defend pregnancy centers on just three days notice? We are about to find out. The need for this rally is explained in our last email blast. <http://www.ctfamily.org/urgent-attend-pro-life-rally-tuesday-may-21-to-defend-cts-pro-life-pregnancy-center/>  This email is to provide you with the extra information you need.

The rally will be on the east side of the state Capitol from Noon to 1 pm. That is the side facing the secretary of state’s office. Look for people wearing blue or holding yellow “Life” balloons. Be careful not to go to the north side, overlooking Bushnell Park. That is a pro-abortion rally that will be happening the same time as ours.  Simultaneous counter-rallies are not unusual. Both sides know to be polite and to stay on their side of the Capitol. Police are aware of the two rallies and will keep things orderly.

Our program will include talks by pro-life legislators and leaders of the Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition, whose centers are under attack.  Please stay after the rally to lobby your state senators to vote no on HB 7070, the anti-pregnancy center bill. It’s the whole reason for the rally. Pro-abortionists will be lobbying their senators after their event and we must do likewise. Handouts will be provided that will help you. We will also be there to help you. Parking Instructions – Parking is limited. Allow yourself extra time to park. Try to be there as much as one hour early, if possible.

Limited public parking is available on level one and basement level of the Legislative Office Building. Across the street from the Legislative Office Building, and across Capitol Ave. is Hungerford Street. There is street parking in this entire neighborhood, free of charge. On Oak Street (diagonally across to the left from the Legislative Office Building) off of Capitol Ave., there is a public parking garage in the CT Education Association Building (CEA building – across from CT Supreme Court Library). This garage costs money, but will save you the time and aggravation of having to park.


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See you in a few hours!