CT towns and cities fund this sometimes radical organization with their tax dollars.

In response to our request for first-hand accounts of Connecticut school districts and towns secretly or quietly adopting the CABE & State of Connecticut School Board policy #5145.53 which advises school administrators and teachers to NOT tell parents that their child is experiencing signs of gender dysphoria or transgender behavior. This is the quote from a whistleblower who wishes to remain anonymous . .

I saw your post just now and, as a WHPS teacher, can confirm that in I believe early 2020 (maybe late 2019?) we were told to follow student preference regarding gender and sexuality information. If a student comes out to their teacher and requests confidentiality, the teacher is not allowed to provide this info to parents. Now I’m not sure if this was just district policy at the time or if it was the beginning of a quiet state mandate but that’s what we were told in a staff meeting. I’d reply to the group post but have to keep a low profile given my role as an educator in town. That being said, if you wanted to share this info anonymously I’d have no problem with it. Keep up the great work!!”

Signed, West Hartford educator teacher (anonymous)

First, recognize the fear in this teacher’s voice. How is it that our public school teachers must be concerned about maintaining a “low profile” such that they can’t even speak their minds respectfully in a public forum. Please know that your voice on matters of public concern is protected and still governed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution and local Boards of Education can know this if they listen to their multiple advisors and follow the law. Who can blame you though for being cautious in the face of “cancel culture” in our own school systems. Teachers and educators: you are in the prayers of the leadership and staff of Family Institute of Connecticut and our sister organizations across America. Please continue to “resist” as you are able and know that we support you and want to know your stories.

Second, why are West Hartford parents prevented from sending their child to school with an ibuprofen, but a teacher can nearly send them home with breast binders and packing underwear? If you are a West Hartford parent trying to raise your children in a Godly way but feel undermined by your local school system, please contact us at info@ctfamily.org. Your story deserves to be told.

For more information about gender dysphoria, transgenderism and the radical agenda within many public school systems (including Connecticut), please take the time to read this informational guidebook.