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Hitting the Road – An FICer’s Week in Review


(Photo above: Our Executive Director demonstrates why he is the life of every party…)


For those who aren’t familiar with me, I am known as the Public …
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I Sure Didn’t Vote for These Folks

For further evidence – if any were needed – of who is truly politically disenfranchised in the state of Connecticut, check this out:

In the world of four out …
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Who Hates Who?

If you were one of the many constituents who travelled to Washington DC last month but couldn’t meet with your congressperson because they were in a “very important meeting”, …
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What Gov. Malloy Didn’t Say

Gov. Malloy’s State of the State speech today was heavy on election year-friendly policies. No gratuitous shout-out to same-sex “marriage”, as in 2011. No reference to assisted suicide, even …
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A Response to Chris Shays

My living room has seen a great deal of political activity in the last 4 and half years.  The tea party has plotted and planned and vetted and organized …
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Chris O’Brien Wants You!…To Volunteer on Nov. 5th

From our friend Chris O’Brien, Connecticut Right to Life’s Vice-President for Legislative Affairs:

Every year conservatives are told that Connecticut voters are not conservative. They say that voters here …
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Save the State Festivity Oct. 5th

No Republican has been elected Secretary of State in Connecticut in over twenty years (and the one before that was thirty-six years earlier). So Peter Lumaj’s 2014 campaign for …
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Labor and the Family

CT Mirror is reporting that “The new voice of labor in Connecticut is female and gay.” Lori Pelletier, a lesbian, is expected to be the first new leader of …
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Debicella Flip-Flops on Marriage

Former state Sen. Dan Debicella, a Republican candidate for Congress in Connecticut’s 4th District, said in the September 12th, 2013 Shelton Herald:

“I am pro-choice,” he said. “I’ve always …
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John McKinney, Jodi Rell and Civil Unions

It’s the sort of thing that reminds us why we call Family Institute of Connecticut’s Annual Fundraising Banquet “Standing in the Gap.” There is the biblical reference, of course …
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