They Really Are Just About Abortion

We said at the start that the 2017 legislative session would be about abortion. And then it wasn’t. And then it was.

On the final day of the legislative session June 7th, Rep. Rob Sampson filed a parental notification amendment to a contraception bill.

This is a simple concept supported by people on both sides of the abortion issue. It is the common sense idea that parents should be notified if their underage daughters have made the decision to have an abortion. Even many people who support legal abortion understand that this law can help put a stop to abuse or even statutory rape.

But the mere possibility that a parent might be notified about her underage daughter’s decision to have an abortion so enraged Connecticut’s pro-abortion lobbyists that they killed their own bill rather than allow a vote on the amendment!

Think about that for a minute. The underlying bill would have mandated 21 “essential health benefits” for women. But those benefits for women were less important to the “Women’s March” activists than abortion!

In killing their own bill to prevent a vote on Rep. Sampson’s parental notification amendment, those activists proved what FIC said about them all year long: they really are just about abortion! In fact, they are pro-abortion extremists!

2017 began with a massive pro-abortion uprising in Connecticut. Furious over their defeats in the recent election, Connecticut’s long-slumbering pro-abortion movement suddenly came alive and fomented all sorts of backlashes against pro-life state legislators: packing their town hall meetings with out-of-district activists, sandbagging them on social media, and more.

But while local pro-abortionists had been asleep at the wheel all those years, Connecticut’s pro-life movement had been slowly gaining strength. And when the backlash came, we fought back:


We crashed their pro-abortion press conference, stood up to NARAL’s local leader and laughed off Sen. Duff’s attacks on FIC.

The result was that NARAL’s bill attacking Connecticut’s pregnancy resource centers died early in the session. And then on June 7th, in NARAL’s own words, Rep. Sampson “killed months of hard work” by the pro-abortion lobbyists.

We encourage all our members to take to Twitter (hashtag SB 586: #SB586) and defend Rep. Sampson’s parental notification amendment against the pro-abortionist extremists who are attacking him.

And let us never forget that it was really the pro-abortion groups that killed their own bill. At the end of the day all they really cared about was abortion, not women. All Rep. Rob Sampson did by filing his parental notification amendment was to expose them for the pro-abortion extremists that they are. Thank you, Rep. Sampson.